American Prime Sustainable Solutions

Advanced-analytics support to reduce cost in crop production and livestock. Prevent losses due to severe weather and waste of resources. Precise carbon uptake monitoring to improve yield and support your conservation/restoration projects from carbon credits.

Global optical and weather data

Prevent economic and yield losses with in-season severe weather forecasting warnings. Let us help you prevent and avoid losses due the next drought.

Data-driven decision making

Cutting edge advanced-analytics to support your agronomic desicions and improve productivity with our advanced resource allocation.

Carbon footprint reduction

Precise CO2 estimates help you measure the impact of your project. Growers, this helps measuring the size of your contribution and incentive.

Terra-analytics helping those who fed the world

WithTerra-analytics we provide the data that supports agriculture worldwide. 

We help to reduce the amount of fertilizer and water used in crops, while contributing to increase food production.

Our team has some of the best worldwide experts in remote sensing, plant physiology, and weather forecasting; allowing us to provide operational satellite-based solutions that are convenient for large growers with multiple fields, support sustainability, and maximize profits.


Provide inside to enhance agricultural production and tools to support different industries with their carbon footprint reduction goals.


Protect the sustainable use of resources and support food security.

Why advanced-analytics?

Increase yield, reduce losses in irrigation, early plant disease identification, avoid fertilizer waste, and more to improve farm operations using our cutting-edge tools and analytics.

Real time crop growth monitoring, biomass production, water use, and nutrient uptake.


Why CO2 monitoring?



Measure the real impact of your projects. The precise estimates of our our scientific team allow you to quantify the real footprint of your carbon projects and we can also help you find those communities, where your carbon stocks investment can make a social and envrionmental difference.


Get access to some of the carbon benefits, we can help you quantify the amount of CO2 that you are contributing to remove from the atmosphere and help you to obtain some of the carbon incentives that are available to you thanks to your environmental contribution.


Improve operations, identify potential clients and market growth oportunities in the county, regional, national, and international level.

APSS products & services provide sustainable solutions to improve operations in agriculture, food companies, and businesses along the food chain.

We use geospatial analytics with multiple layers of agronomic, weather, soil, and satellite data to identify opportunities at the micro-market, regional market levels, and to improve your operations.

We apply modern machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to forecast movements in commodity yield and price.

Our solutions are designed on a case-to-case basis to increase revenue and improve operations for each customer. Our customers get a custom-made digital tool that can be integrated with existing systems to enable sustainable real-time data-driven decision-making.