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Our leadership has world known experts in each of the areas where we support your operations. They bring a life of successful solutions to enhance and optimize your operations.  Our team is focused on helping you to increase your profit while preserving the natural resources. 

Our Oklahoma based team has experience working with clients, government agencies in different countries, and thanks to this experience, no matter where you are we can provide a solution that fits your needs.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Don Alden Adams

The Partners

Xiangming Xiao

Chief Biological Scientist

Our remote sensing and plant biophysics expert. Bringing more than two decades of experience building biophysical algorithms with applications in agriculture, forestry, and land use management.

Dr. Xiao’s scientific advancements have contributed to state of the art for carbon and water fluxes monitoring using remote sensing.

Jorge A. Celis

Founder and CEO

Our founder has expertise in carbon-water modeling in agroecosystems and business management. His skillset allows us to transfer cutting-edge solutions to the private sector that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible.

Some of his scientific work includes drought detection and hyper-resolution modeling of water and carbon fluxes.

Jeffrey Basara

Chief Climate Scientist

Dr. Basara our severe weather expert has  20+ years of experience in the development, validation, and improvement of the monitoring and predictability of extreme weather events.

Dr. Basara is one of the most renown weather expert in the US and his multiple years of consulting experience significantly contribute to help us provide the best timely solutions for the agricultural sector with high precision.

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Collaborators, funders, and investors

CEOM focuses on geospatial science, technologies and applications in bio-, geo- and health- sciences, specifically in the areas of agriculture, forestry, ecology, biodiversity, land use and land cover changes, water quality, climate, infectious diseases and public health. It promotes community remote sensing and citizen science to address the grand challenges in our dynamic and rapidly changing planet Earth and the society.

CEOM platform will give you access to FREE processed satellite data from MODIS and TROPOMI. Create you account today to access this information.

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